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Facebook, the social media giant, has duplicated the social network ‘Snapchat’ to bring its Stories feature. We are not even surprised by the doings of the tech giant now as this is not the first or even second time that the social media giant is copying Snapchat to release a new feature.

Facebook mirrors Snapchat again with this new feature

Snapchat is the reason behind the existence of Stories feature that allows users to share their pictures or videos to tell a story about a particular event, a trip or their day. The stories disappear after a day or 24 hours. Instagram released its own Stories feature last year, with same features and functions. Later, the messenger service of Facebook, Facebook Messenger followed suit, and released the same feature. If you are a WhatsApp user, another messaging app owned by the social networking site, you may already be using the status feature which is similar to Snapchat Stories.

Now, the tech giant is doing the same. By rolling out Facebook Stories on Tuesday, the social media giant completed its mirroring of Snapchat Stories. They could have at least changed the name of their “Stories” feature but they did not. According to the New York Times, “The feature lets people share videos and photographs in the Facebook app, which will appear on top of the News Feed. After 24 hours, the Facebook Stories also disappear.”

In a blog post, Connor Hayes, a Facebook product manager, wrote, “We want to make it fast, fun and easy for people to share creative photos and videos with whomever they choose, for however long they choose — and the more we share with each other, the more open and connected our community can be.”

Facebook confirms that their Stories feature is pioneered by Snapchat

Both Snap – the parent company of Snapchat – and Facebook have had a complicated past. The social media giant wanted to acquire Snapchat in 2013 for $3 billion but Evan Spiegel, the Snapchat co-founder, refused to sell the social network. The user base of Snapchat is very low in comparison to Facebook but the former is rising steadily and is already gaining the interest of multiple big brands and advertisers.

Hayes agreed that ‘Facebook Stories’ is similar to Snapchat Stories. He said during a press conference in San Francisco, “Yes, this is something that was pioneered by Snapchat.” He added, “We think they did a great job of uncovering that Stories as a format is the way that people really want to share photos and videos in social apps.”