Source: GSMArena

After the very-well reported Note 7 scandal, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the most difficult test for the South-Korea-based smartphone making giant. We and all Samsung fans are hoping that the smartphone lives up to our high expectations. The smartphone, which had already passed through tough scrutiny from Samsung, will now be tested by consumers.

Note 7 recall had less to none impact on Samsung

Last year, the Korean smartphone maker recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones just within two months of its release because of its explosive and fire-prone batteries. Already, the smartphone maker has confirmed that it will be releasing the refurbished Note 7 and sell them again. However, we are not talking about Note 7 here, we are discussing the Samsung Galaxy 8.

Kiranjeet Kaur of tech analysts IDC, said “With this launch (Galaxy S8’s launch), Samsung gets a chance to redeem itself after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco…but it may be too early to say that Samsung’s troubles are behind it now.”

The Galaxy S models are the flagship line of the company and are seen as the strongest competitors to iPhones of Apple. The note models are actually a range of large-screen phablets which are for the higher-end market. An IPOS/Reuters study disclosed that even after the Note 7 scandal, the fans of the South Korean smartphone making giant remained as dedicated and loyal as before.

Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research said at the time of the Reuters/IPOS poll that it was because the issues behind the explosions (of phones) was identified in a short time after the release of the device and the smartphone was recalled, causing less negative impact on buyers. Dawson said the personal experience of a person is above what one reads and what people tell them.

Good news by Samsung

In the last three months of last year, Samsung Electronics saw a surge of 50% in profits even after the Note 7 phone scandal. Also, the share price of the Korean tech giant rose steadily over the past 12 months. In addition to this, according to the IDC data, the market share of Samsung was 18.1% whereas the market share of Apple’s iPhone was 18.3%. The market share of the Korea-based smartphone maker is expected to rise next year.

After the Note 7 fiasco, the South Korean company has been very careful about its batteries and is working to make the battery much safer than before. The Korean tech giant will have has its engineers working all day to make sure that the new smartphone by them is completely safe, said Jake Saunders, vice president of tech research firm ABI. He added, “Samsung may be hoping for a smooth, glitch-free launch to restore consumer confidence in the brand, but it could be a long, hot summer.”