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Tesla Motors started rolling out an update to its semi-autonomous Autopilot system recently through a software update, according to reports by Electrek. The new software, which is called Autopilot 8.1, brings with it many amazing new features and several improvements over the old ones. The cars that were shipped after October 2016 by the automaker get semi-autonomous features that were already on older versions of Tesla EVs.

Here are the new features brought through the recent Autopilot update:

The newer EVs of the automaker are now equipped with sensor hardware that was not compatible with all of the Autopilot features initially.

  1. Rise in Auto steering speeds: Now, the owners of Tesla electric cars can auto steer at speeds up to 80 mph. Before, the EVs could use the auto-steer feature only when the car was travelling up to 55 mph but now the car can travel up to 80 mph. In addition to this, the owners of the car will need to calibrate the cameras on the EV to use this feature. According to the automaker, this can take some days in process.
  2. Sketchpad touch-screen infotainment center: According to the report by Fortune, the new update also comes with the sketchpad touch-screen infotainment center. This feature enables the owners of the car to draw on the screen, save their creation and publish it on any platform they like. Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors, demonstrated recently that the drawings can be published on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”.
  3. Summon mode: The “Summon” feature enables the electric cars to move in and out of a parking spot without the requirement of a driver. The feature, dubbed “Summon Mode,” is now being introduced as a beta feature under the new hardware suite. The feature uses the “Tesla vision” image-processing system of the electric car maker.
  4. Auto-lane changing: Another amazing feature was “Auto-lane changing” which allows the driver of the EV to change lanes automatically. However, this feature can only be used when the auto-steer feature is activated.

Price of electric car to rise in Hong Kong

The CEO of Tesla Motors said in a blog post that the automaker had planned to increasingly roll out autonomous features until the ultimate rollout of full autonomy. The eventual rollout could happen as soon as this year.

The price of the electric cars, including the ones made by Tesla, is increasing in Hong Kong due to the reduction in tax incentive. In his budget speech, Paul Chan Mo-po, the Financial Secretary, said discounts offered on the first registration tax would be capped at HK$97,500, according to reports by South China Morning Post. This means that a Tesla Model S owner in Hong Kong would have to pay around 80% of the tax payable on the EV.