Source: Netflix

Netflix has very quietly – without almost anyone noticing – introduced a new screensaver feature in its TV applications. Now, whenever the user leaves their TV-Box or console mid-film, the app will bring up a screensaver with the original productions of the video streaming giant.

New screensaver to promote one of the many Netflix’s original productions

Now, whenever you leave a video mid-watch, the screen-saver will show the show’s content on screen. The new feature was first identified by the several tech curious Twitter users and later TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez found about it. While talking to news site Tech Crunch about it, the video streaming giant said that it had deployed the feature to its TV apps after a period of testing.

Currently, the users cannot configure the screensaver when it appears nor is there any way to disable it. The screen savers is far being seen on many kinds of devices, from PlayStation, Xbox One, Mi Box, Fire TV, Android TV and several other popular Smart TVs. The streaming service said that the feature is only available across all TV apps of Netflix. Eventually, the company may decide to bring the feature to other countries as well.

The users, who were clearly confused to see the new feature, posted their view on social networking sites. A user named “Kyle Lemke @UncleMoosePHD” wrote “So Netflix does a new screensaver thing. I came back from the bathroom to this. And now all I want to do is start watch #5. I need help.”

Another user named “Lauryn McBadger @BadgerSpanner” tweeted, “There’s now some kind of Netflix screensaver going on my Fire TV. How long has that been a thing?”

Netflix promoting original content with screensaver feature

There is no option to either unable the feature or configure any settings related to it — like for example, how much time later does the feature appear after the screen remains idle. In an interview with tech news site TechCrunch on Tuesday, the video streaming giant confirmed that the feature is being rolled out worldwide to hike up the quality of mobile experience. The screensaver features the cover art for Netflix programming, including the TV shows and movies.

The screensaver feature is currently focused on Netflix Originals and not on other featured content, popular content as well as programming and releases. The company did not confirm the details of the device lineup, however, there are already several reports by users in respect to the feature. Users, as mentioned above, have seem the screensaver feature on a variety of TVs and streaming services like TV, Fire TV, and more.