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The most interesting solar products of Tesla Motors have also been solar roof tiles – or well, we thought they are. The solar roof tiles are one of the products that gained most traction from the media as well as were the most talked about solar products of Tesla – which bought SolarCity last year. Now, no one can stop being impressed by the sleek and low-profile solar panel that is made by Panasonic and was unveiled by Tesla Motors recently.

Tesla attempts to innovate homes with new solar panels

The electric car making giant unveiled a new segment in the market recently: The new roof segment. The U.S.-based automaker is trying to innovate homes for people who do not require a new roof but who want to generate their own solar energy.

The electric car maker updated the Energy section of its website this week to reveal new pictures of a new exclusive solar panel, which is made by Panasonic. According to reports by tech site Electrek, the new panels are part of the automaker’s deal with Panasonic and will be produced at the Tesla ‘Gigafactory 2’ in Buffalo by Panasonic for the EV making giant’s use.

Further, we got some details about this new solar panel, which will clearly bring some changes – for the better – in the products that the electric car making company is going to offer in its residential solar industry in the future. The solar panel making company “Panasonic” is not planning to make their solar products available to other individuals or third party installers.

Tesla achieves a differentiated product strategy with new solar panels

In its interview to Electrek, the automaker said that the new Panasonic module will be used for all new residential projects as soon as its goes into production at Gigafactory 2 the coming summer. This move of making solar panels is certainly part of Elon Musk’s – the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors – efforts to make available solar products with better aesthetics to create a brand that can easily be differentiated from other third-party companies and installers on a product basis.

When the CEO announced that they were working on solar products, he said that he thinks this is “really a fundamental part of achieving differentiated product strategy.” In the new solar panel, the automaker apparently achieved that – the differentiation – with “no visible mounting hardware and with integrated front skirts.”

Daniel Flanigan, the Senior Director of Solar Systems Product Design at Tesla, is actually the co-founder of Zep (a startup acquired by SolarCity in 2013 for $158 million) and he spearheads a significant team of engineers that have been with him since 2009.