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Facebook – the largest and most used social networking site in the world – announced to offer a version of Workplace for free to take on a team collaboration tool Slack. Workplace is the messaging services of the tech giant for businesses and is one of the many services that are used by several companies and businesses to chat and share files within their select groups.

Facebook announces a new version of Workplace

A report in Fortune says that the new free version of Workplace announced by the social media giant this week will be joining the previously announced paid version. The previous version of the messaging service premiered last year.

According to the report, “The free standard version will offer one-to-one and group voice and video calling, streaming video, and chat for people with Apple iOS or Android devices as well as those on desktop PCs.” The social networking site has been attempting to get into the business sphere and this move is part of its efforts to venture into the business industry. Recently, for example, the social media giant rolled out a feature that is enabling businesses to post job notices. This feature is brought by the tech company to compete with the likes of Microsoft’s LinkedIn.

But it is not certain yet when the free version of the messaging service will be available. The social media giant has, however, said that it would be available soon and it is hoping that the new version of the messaging service would connect everyone: both businesses and people who use only mobile devices.

Facebook and Google reveal how they plan to reduce fake news

Both Google and Facebook have had an important role in the spread of false stories and hence, they are facing plenty of censure from the across the world, especially since last year after the win of billionaire businessman Donald Trump in the US presidential election. It is being believed that the fake news have had a huge impact in the U.S. presidential elections.

Both the social networking site and the internet giant have vowed to battle fake news, and have separately announced measures to fight the false stories that are spread online.

On Friday, the internet company announced a new product called Fact Check, which will be available in Search and News. The “Fact Check” tag will be able to identify news reports with the assistance of news publishers and fact-checking organizations. Google itself would not identify the false stories. The Social media giant has brought the educational tool on top of the news feed to allow user to identify fake news. We have already reported about the news and the link to that news is here.