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Facebook – the largest social networking site in the world – is holding vast amount of information on its users and only a little trick will allow you to see all that information. The data tools of the social networking site allow anyone to head inside the site and see all the data that the social media company has collected about its users.

Your personal data stored on Facebook can be downloaded as well

The data collected by the tech giant includes activity, locations, personal data and everything that a user has ever said to any other user on the social networking site. A report by news site Independent says, “Most of the data saved within the download information is available through other means, like on your own profile. But other parts of it are highly specific and not easily found elsewhere, like full information of every time you logged into Facebook, where and how you did it.”

The report further says that the most obvious way to do that is to head to the “Activity Log” of Facebook that does exactly what it says. The Activity Log shows a chronological list of everything that the user has done on the social networking site, including the post that the user has liked (wowed, loved, made an angry face or a sad face upon), and everything that the user has searched for.

You can activate it by clicking on the small downward arrow in the corner of any Facebook page and by selecting Activity Log. However, you can also use the alternative way – which is by downloading the Facebook data of a user from the special site. It can be done by going to settings and choosing the option to “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.

Google also doing almost the same thing

In the mentioned data, you will find almost everything that the social network will admit to collecting on its users and beware – there is a lot of information. The downloaded file, notes Independent, “will include every computer that’s logged into Facebook, everything it thinks it has learnt about you from your posts and everyone you’ve tried to add as a friend or been added by.”

According to the social networking site, the data will also include every message that the user has ever sent through their Facebook chat. Technology companies like Google and Facebook that make their money from advertisements tend to give at least some of that personal data back to users if they ever request it.

In addition to this, it is possible to get an even more detailed info on everything that one has done on the search giant by checking the “My Activity” part of its site. We cannot deny that the same information could get into wrong hands as well if we are not careful. If a person has access to your account – if you every logged in from someone else’s PC and forgot to log out – they can access this personal data and worse: they can download it.