Source: The Tech Portal

The recent reports of news site Reuters claim that the China-based tech giant Baidu is buying xPerception. Information about the deal are still scant but we do know that the U.S.-based startup company is focused on machine learning and has its own module for depth perception and object recognition that can be rolled out on drones and robots.

Internet giant Baidu makes another foray into computer vision

This year, the China-based tech company has been active in Machine intelligence M&A, notes TechCrunch. The Chinese tech giant acquired RavenTech back in February. RavenTech is a China-based startup that develops its own voice assistant. This new acquisition is mostly important because it involves an American startup. In addition to this, the U.S.-based tech startup could also assist the Chinese tech giant in its efforts for augmented reality and future autonomous driving.

xPerception was founded by two early Magic Leap engineers – Dr. Chen Mingyu and Dr. Bao Yingze. The xPerception team is expected to continue its work under the Chinese tech giant. The chief scientist of Baidu, Andrew Ng, left the tech company in March to the detriment of its internal machine intelligence efforts.

Baidu is facing even more barriers that its rivals like the search giant “Google” do not have to face for R&D (research and development). Almost all large and small tech companies in the world are trying to work on artificial intelligence (AI) but the epicenter of AI rests in the United States.

Chinese companies attempting to buy U.S.-based firms

The U.S.-based startup ‘xPerception’ is just another United States anchor for the company that has been spending its money and resources into its Silicon Valley-based Artificial Intelligence Lab. The team over at xPerception was not immediately available for comment on the matter.

To support the renewed efforts of U.S.-based computer vision firm xPerception in artificial intelligence, the China-based internet firm Baidu Inc. has assented to buy the company. This move comes as the China-based tech companies face regulatory issues in the U.S. The Chinese internet giant said in a statement on Thursday that the American tech company will continue to develop its core technology under that research unit of Baidu Inc. Currently, the U.S.-based startup company makes vision perception hardware and software with applications in virtual reality (VR) and robotics.

The company said, “The acquisition of xPerception is the latest in a recent series of notable investments aimed at strengthening Baidu’s position as a global leader in AI.”

Not very long ago, we reported about Alibaba trying to acquire U.S. based MoneyGram. Also, the Chinese internet firm LeEco announced this week on Tuesday that it will scrap a $2 billion bid for U.S. electronics firm Vizio.