Source: Monica Ong

Currently, the iMessage App Store does not have a lot of hits but group video chatting is still getting exceptional traction from users. A growing video chat app dubbed “Fam” raised over $1.8 million last month by continuing to invest in its video chat platform, with the intention of including more features such as interactive live masks, filters, game-playing and watching videos together.

“Let’s Watch It!” overthrows “Fam” in group video viewing

“Let’s Watch It!” is new app for iMessage that introduces a simple way for users to watch and share Twitch as well as YouTube videos with friends to watch video clips together and react to them. Also, it allows users to video chat or voice chat while viewing the videos. Now it looks like “Let’s Watch It!” is superseding “Fam” with its implementation of group video viewing.

The app came out in March but it added support for turning on the microphone and the front-facing camera in the app only recently. This gave the new app a better social and real-time feel, notes TechCrunch. Also, these features are optional – user can toggle a switch at the bottom of the screen to allow or disallow the functionality as they require.

Let’s Watch It! does a great job when it comes to video viewing experience. The only difficult thing about using the application is navigating the iMessage App Store, and getting to the application from the iMessage interface. Once the user had loaded the app on their iPhone, it’s all pretty easy.

The application shows a scrollable list of popular videos, or the user can search for a video by writing the titles on Twitch, YouTube, or YouTube Live. Then, they can toggle through the video sources from the hamburger menu on the left. They just have to tap the video if they find a video worth sharing.

Let’s Watch It! is currently free on the App Store

The users will each have their own icon and username below the video and confetti appears all over the screen whenever a friend of the user joins the video viewing. The icon of the user would be a default avatar if they are online and a sleeping avatar in case they are offline.

If the user has already begun watching the video then the other user who comes late will be joined at the same spot where the first user is so that the two streams are synced up. But both the parties can rewind the video and watch it again as well. People can tap on emoji reaction while watching video and use the standard thumbs up and thumbs down as well.

Currently, the Let’s Watch It! is a free download on the App Store and it works only on iMessage (not all iOS devices). The new app was built by the team from NEA-backed Little Labs, which previously built smartwatch-first apps like Facer, games for iMessage and mobile games for Apple Watch.