People who own an Amazon Echo already know that the device is recording a lot of what they say. The device, Echo, keeps a large data of recordings inside its little structure. Not only the owner’s but their friend’s and family’s voice is also recorded by the device. People who have come to your house and said “Alexa” probably got their voice preserved by Amazon Echo.

Here’s why Amazon stores your voice

This awesome tech puts instant information only a command away, which is an advantage. Most of the people, notes Fox News Tech, have no idea that they can do much more than get the latest weather or listen to their favorite tunes. However, there is a little disadvantage as well, which is “the online retailing giant stores a recording of every voice command that the user has issued to Alexa, not only in the device but on its servers as well.”

Several owners feel strange about voice recordings. They are confused about what the e-commerce company plans to do with them. Also, there is a fear about someone breaking into Alexa and hacking their voice, law enforcement accessing their recordings, and the e-commerce giant using the device for some secret purpose. Well, the virtual assistant ‘Alexa’ wants to obey all your voice commands but to learn and adapt to your style of speaking, it requires data. Alexa isn’t human, it’s a machine and hence, it requires your voice recordings to obey your commands. It requires to understand your voice, whether it is soft accent or thick accent, a mumble or a shout, etc. Echo gets better at understanding the voice of the user gradually.

Amazon Echo is hearing to you at almost all times. Whenever you say words like “Amazon,” “Computer,” “Alexa,” or “Echo,” the device gets activated.

How to listen to your voice recordings?

People can listen to almost all their voice commands made to Amazon Echo on the Alexa app on their tablet or smartphone. The virtual assistant could have saved recordings of a presidential debate, a call you made to your friends while mentioning ‘Alexa’ or ‘Echo’, or any sound where there was a mention of ‘Alexa.’

You may have hundreds and thousands of voice commands on your Echo recordings and you will find a large catalog of your requests as well. You can select the recording you want to listen or review by tapping the play icon. You can also delete the recordings you do not want to save. Just open the Alexa app and go to Settings. Next, enter ‘History’ and select the recording from the list of all entries. Now, tap the delete button and its done.