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Tesla – the electric car making giant – is now reducing the base price of most of its Model X and Model S cars before the Model 3 gets unveiled later this year in July. The Model 3 will then be the cheapest car of the electric car maker, with the starting price of $35,000.

The most affordable Tesla electric car now starts at $69,500

The base 75 and 75D versions for Model X as well as Model S have seen price reductions of $5000 and $3000, respectively. In addition to this, the base 90D version of the Model S and the Model X saw a drop of $2000 in price. This means that the most affordable or in other words ‘the least expensive’ electric car made by Tesla starts at $69,500 from now on.

The electric car making giant has tweaked its optional features mix as well, making the Power Liftgate, high-speed charger, and the Glass Roof standard across its lineup. Further, the 75 and 90 series cannot be fitted with adjustable air suspension any longer. Now instead of the Silver Helix, a Model X comes standard with a 20-inch Sonic Carbon rim, and a new upgrade provides the second row center console for $500.

Active Spoiler will not be available for the Model X anymore. These tweaks by the U.S.-based electric car maker come after the official discontinuation of the Model S 60 – which was announced only a day before yesterday (16th April). The now discontinued Model S 60 started at the price of $66,000.

All Tesla EVs are not seeing price cuts

But, if you are thinking all electric cars of the automaker are seeing price cuts, then you are wrong. The longest-range and flagship 100D and P100D models of the Model X and Model S are getting more expensive. The 100S version of the two cars is increasing in price by $1,000 and $5,000 respectively for Model X and Model S whereas the price of the P100D version is increasing by $9,500 for Model X and $5,500 for Model S.

All 100 version vehicles keep the adjustable air suspension as standard equipment and the price increases will go into effect from this month’s April 24th. The automaker is expecting no significant changes in the revenues of Model X or Model S despite the adjustments in price. In a statement, the electric car making giant tells The Verge, “We expect our total average selling price to remain almost exactly the same.”

The base pricing for full lineup of the electric car maker is given below:


Model X

75D: $82,500

90D: $93,500

100D: $99,500 (starting April 24th)

P100DL: $145,000 (starting April 24th)


Model S

75: $69,500

75D: $74,500

90D: $87,500

100D: $97,500 (starting April 24th)

P100DL: $140,000 (starting April 24th)