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Apple – the Cupertino-based smartphone making giant – could delay the release of the iPhone 8 as it is struggling with one key feature of its highly expected smartphone. The tech giant, according to past reports, was going to launch the device this year around September but now it looks like the Silicon Valley giant could delay the launch of the tenth anniversary edition of the iPhone.

Waiting for iPhone 8? Wait a little longer

The tech giant is struggling to implement an important security feature of the highly anticipated device, which is why it is delaying its launch. According to report, the designers at the Silicon Valley technology company are still trying to solve the problem of how to include the fingerprint scanning Touch ID unit into the smartphone. This is because the redesigned iPhone 8 is expected to include a new edge-to-edge display – just like the Galaxy S8 that is the latest flagship Phone of Samsung Inc. – will make it harder for the tech company to include the fingerprint scanner Touch ID unit into the device.

There is an option that the screen itself will be able to scan a fingerprint, however, that option presents some technical challenges. The second option is similar to the one used by the Korea-based smartphone making giant – Samsung – which is for the fingerprint scanner to be on the back of the phone.

Not only Samsung but also several other phone making companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. are using the second option as well. But for Apple, a fingerprint scanner on the back would be a design compromise.

Will Apple iPhone 8 come with a Touch ID unit?

The Silicon Valley giant introduced the Touch ID into the iPhone with the release of the iPhone 5S in 2013. Also, the Touch ID is one of the main security features of the iPhone, especially to make sure that the security of Apple Pay is strong.

If the tech giant did not introduce the Touch ID in the iPhone 8, then the main biometric security measure could be facial recognition feature, which is said to be a feature of the flagship phone. Also, dropping Touch ID from the flagship phone would mean older and cheaper iPhone with a key biometric security feature that is not available in the newer and expensive iPhone.

We will come to know more about the Touch ID issue when the iPhone 8 finally comes to the market later this year.