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Amazon – the United Stated-based online retailing giant – has annual sales of over $US100 billion. The e-commerce giant confirmed that it plans to launch its popular shopping services in Australia soon. The Australian retailer would probably not be happy with this news and it will most likely spark a celebration among the consumers who are looking for more options and lower prices.

Amazon to start its “Everything’s Store” in Australia

The move indicates a retail revolution that will likely disrupt Australian retailers in the same way as the online retailing giant did with the U.S. retailers when it launched its popular shopping services in the country. The e-commerce company is being blamed for ruining several traditional business models like chain stores and department stores as it gains an increasing share of discretionary spending.

The online retailing giant has been linked to the Australian market for a long time after a successful expansion through Europe and North America. In both the places, the exceptionally-fast delivery time of the online retailing company and a large range of products have delivered to thousands of millions of loyal customers.

The popular service of the e-commerce giant, which is dubbed “the everything’s store,” is popular for its one-hour delivery. Recently, the online retailing giant confirmed to The Australian that it had started searching for a site for its first “fulfilment centre” in Australia. The fulfillment centre is a large logistics centre and warehouse that will be the e-commerce company’s beachhead into the local market so it can start shipping all products from electronics to toys to books to potentially groceries and fresh food.

Amazon is also looking for a Chief Executive to run the local operation

This week, the Morgan Stanley analysts called the e-commerce company a “country killer” and “digital monster.” The Australian notes that the online retailing giant is searching for a chief executive to run the local operations and is seeking some key executives as well.

The e-commerce giant has been operating an Australian website for a long time. The site offers mainly mobile apps and Kindle books.

The online retailer will slowly start a network of warehouses and logistics centres to feed its growing aims in Australia. An Amazon spokesman said, “We launched a Kindle store on in 2013, and we now have almost 1000 employees in the country.” He added, “The next step is to bring a retail offering to Australia, and we are making those plans now.” Last year, the online retailer became the fastest company in history to hit $US100 billion in annual sales.