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Apple Inc. Chief Executive Office Tim Cook scolded the Uber CEO in a secret meeting after discovering that the latter company had pulled a trick on the Cupertino-based iPhone maker. The Apple CEO also threatened to ban the ride-sharing service.

The unreported meeting of Uber and Apple CEO surfaces now

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has been at the top of controversies several times. Not very long ago, the CEO was filmed arguing with one of the Uber drivers over a fare. Also, he had been forced to hire a former US Attorney General to carry out an investigation into sexual harassment at his company. He even wrote an open letter to his employees in which he agreed that he “needs to grow up.”

However, probably nothing captures the instability of his leadership better than a tense meeting that Uber CEO endured with Tim Cook in 2015. Yes, we are talking about a meeting in 2015. The meeting was not reported until now. According to an in-depth feature by The New York Times, the meeting was a moment that Kalanick was seriously dreading and when the two Chief executives met in a room for the meeting, it was fraught with tension.

The paper reports that in his very calm, Southern tone, the Apple CEO said, “So, I’ve heard you’ve been breaking some of our rules.” The ride-sharing service was pulling a fast one on the Silicon Valley giant by using a software to identify iPhones even after the iPhone users deleted the app or wiped the iPhone data completely. The technology used there is known as fingerprinting and it is often used in anti-fraud measures but it does breach one of the many rules that the tech giant has set out for clients using its App Store.

Uber breaks Apple’s rule, gets warned

Mr. Kalanick had ordered his engineers to “geofence” the headquarters of the iPhone maker in Cupertino, California in order to prevent the tech giant from finding out, reported the Times. The Uber CEO had the engineers set up a way to digitally identify whenever an Apple employee was reviewing the software of Uber in a particular location and blur the code that they were looking at.

Eventually, the Cupertino-based tech giant caught the ride sharing service breaking its rules, and called for a meeting in 2015. Playing the ultimate trump card, Cook told Kalanick to stop doing it otherwise he would remove the Uber app from the App Store. Uber CEO then agreed to stop using any software that would break the rules set out by the Silicon Valley giant for its clients.