Source: The Heroes

Alibaba Founder and Chairman Jack Ma said while speaking at an entrepreneurship conference in China that the key social conflict in the coming decades will be the growth of artificial intelligence and longer life expectancy that will result in aging workforce battling for fewer jobs.

AI will cause job disruption over the next 30 years

Over the next three decades, artificial Intelligence and other techs will cause people more pain than happiness, said Ma. Alibaba Co-founder Ma said, “Social conflicts in the next three decades will have an impact on all sorts of industries and walks of life.”

The billionaire chairman and founder of Alibaba also spoke about the job cuts that would be created by the internet, robotics and automation. Ma is known for being optimistic in his speech. He is outspoken – yes – but he is also a very positive person when it comes to prediction the future of a product or a new tech, however, during the entrepreneurship conference in China, he was seen issuing warnings about robotics and automation. He was encouraging the businesses to adapt to the AI, automation and robotics or face problems in the coming future.

He also said that around 15 years ago, he gave around hundreds of speeches to warn people about the impact of online retailing on conventional retailers. He said that at that time, only a few people listened to him because he was not very famous then as he is now.

Machines should do what we cannot do instead of doing what we already can: Ma

For avoiding any job disruption over the next three decades, Billionaire Chairman Ma said, “Machines should only do what humans cannot. Only in this way can we have the opportunities to keep machines as working partners with humans, rather than as replacements.”

Ma also acknowledged that companies will most probably be run by robots in the future. He said, “Thirty years later, the Time magazine cover for the best CEO of the year very likely will be a robot.” His comments speak almost the same thing that several researchers have suggested in their past and present studies. The studies have said that the automation will eliminate jobs. A Forrester study suggested that over 6% of all jobs in the United States would be eliminated by 2021. The report said that job displacement will begin with customer service representatives and ultimately move to taxi and truck drivers.

The existing tech in the automation and AI field include automated robotic systems, chatbots and virtual assistants like Google Now, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri.