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Several reports from different sources have claimed the same thing about the release of the iPhone. The smartphone could be introduced in September – when the tech giant usually announces the new phones – but the supply of iPhone 8 will be constrained significantly at release.

Here’s some good and bad news related to iPhone 8

Earlier this week, a bad news came regarding the iPhone 8, where an analyst with inside knowledge of roadmap of the Cupertino-based iPhone making giant – ‘Apple’ – said that the iPhone 8 may be delayed all the way to November.

Now a new report indicates that the iPhone 8 can see a one to two month delay in its launch as several suppliers are facing issues in yielding specific iPhone 8 components. For some Apple fans, this may sound like bad news but it is actually good news because this specific report offers a few interesting new details as well.

The last few rumors regarding the iPhone 8 said that the 3D front-facing camera and the new in-display Touch ID sensor of the tech giant are the kinds of iPhone 8 parts that are giving the Silicon Valley tech company and its suppliers are major headache currently. It looks like the Korean smartphone making giant ‘Samsung’ is facing issues in making the OLED display that the tech giant requires. The report also says that “a supply chain source and an analyst say that Samsung is facing challenges in delivering what Apple wants.”

A one-to-two month delay in iPhone launch is expected: Analyst

Samsung is the only company that can make high-end smartphone displays for the tech giant in large numbers, and the Korean company also made the incredible Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8, however it is currently unable to produce what the tech giant wants.

This only means that the iPhone 8 will have a screen which is unlike any other thing on the market and has a display that could incorporate all the front-facing elements of the iPhone like front sensors, speaker, and camera as well as the home button. The report does not say more on the matter but the Korean company certainly has been working on the screen quite diligently.

IHS Markit Brian Huh analyst said, “There might be a one to two-month delay in Samsung’s production of OLED panels for Apple. Samsung originally plans to begin churning out OLED panels in May but now the schedule will likely be pushed back to the end of June or sometime in July.”

IDC analyst Sean Kao said, “There is a new design for a much smaller printed circuit board to allow a more powerful battery for this upcoming iPhone…but there are still some quality issue to overcome to achieve smooth mass production.”