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Sometimes we get too happy to note someone else’s pain however when that someone is from our own circle of friends or a part of family, we try to control our happiness and assist that ‘someone’ in letting go the pain. However, the same cannot be said for the tech giant, which was promoting the 700 million users of its photo-sharing app ‘Instagram’ amid the horrific video posts.

Instagram now has 700 million active users

The social media giant is promoting its growing Instagram unit while continuing to face backlash and criticism for graphic videos being posted through its ‘Live’ feature. The photo-sharing app just reached the milestone of 700 million active users and the social media giant is touting the numbers excitedly.

Only over four months ago, the photo-sharing app had surpassed the 600 million monthly active users, hence; this milestone marks the fastest pace for a social network to add 100 million users in just a few months. It cannot be ignored that the social media giant does not play fair: it has copied several features of other application, such as the Stories feature on Snapchat in Instagram Stories, but it never actually fully accepted it.

Now, Instagram Stories has surpassed its competitor with 200 million daily users. The social network acquired Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion. At that time, the photo-sharing app had only 30 million monthly active users. However, the social network’s growth is coinciding with the horrific video posts that are appearing on the social media giant more often these days. A man in Thailand live streamed himself on the social network on Tuesday. The video showed the man hanging his 11-month-old daughter before committing suicide.

There is no place for violent posts on the social network: Facebook

In a statement emailed to Fox News, the social networking site said, “This is an appalling incident and our hearts go out to the family of the victim. There is absolutely no place for acts of this kind on Facebook and the footage has now been removed.”

That Thailand incident comes less than two weeks after a video showing the live killing of a 78-year old man in Cleveland was posted on the social media platform by the killer himself. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said earlier this month at the annual developers conference of the social network that they have a lot more to do there. He said, “We’re reminded of this this week by the tragedy in Cleveland. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Robert Godwin Sr. We have a lot of work and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening.”

But despite the increase in violent videos on its platform, the tech company is boasting the nearly two billion monthly active users. Shares of Facebook have gained over 27% in 2017 and are now trading at a record high.