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This week, Robbers struck an Apple store in Corte Madera, California and stole over $24,000 worth of products, according to recent reports. This is the second time the store has been robbed. According to ABC7 News, on Monday night, around five thieves got into the store after its 8 p.m. close and stole three iPads, 17 iPhones and two Macs.

Five burglars rob an Apple store, is there any connection with the November robbery?

The five burglars were described as in their early 20s or late teens by a security guard who saw the thieves running toward the rear of a Macy’s store before. The five burglars have not been caught yet and police has been asking the people to call the Central Marin Police Authority if they have any kind of information about the thieves.

Previously, another group of thieves – on November 25 – stole $35,000 to $40,000 worth of Apple products in a robbery. News site ABC7 did not suggest any immediate link between the two robberies. On Monday, Amy Hollyfield, a part of ABC7 News KGO Team, posted on the micro-blogging site ‘Twitter’, “Look at the empty counter at the Corte Madera Apple Store. Police say 5 thieves grabbed about $24k worth of products and took off last night.”

Apple stores can be a target for thieves and burglars because of the expensive devices present in the store. Also, the tech company displays quite amazing electronic gadgets out on the tables in its stores. In addition to this, these expensive Apple devices are also visible to people who are outside the shops because of the Cupertino-based iPhone maker’s preference for glass facades.

Apple Stores are prime target of burglars, here’s why

However, in other robberies like the one in Palo Alto in December, the burglars have just smashed their way inside the Apple store in after hours. Sometimes the burglars used cars and other vehicles where sidewalks and streets allow it. Some locations now have bollards in place to deter ramming.

The next big outlet of the tech company will most likely not be a target for burglars. The Apple store is opening on Thursday inside the Dubai Mall and as it can be seen, the interior locations of the store appear to be attacked less frequently by burglars than the exterior locations mostly because they are more difficult to reach and escape.