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Tesla Inc. -the largest electric car making company in the world – has been enjoying the top spot in the Consumer Reports through its Model S sedan for a long time. However, that has changed now because the magazine had dropped the rating of Model S, making it fall from the first rank to third rank.

Consumer Reports reduce Model S score because of lack of AEB feature

The magazine reduced the rating of the Tesla Model S sedan and Model X crossover because the U.S.-based electric car making giant failed to add the key feature of automatic emergency brake in its vehicles. However, the lowered scores on both the Model X crossover and Model S sedan by two points may not last for a long time as the automaker told Consumer Reports in its statement – on Wednesday -that it has started adding the automatic emergency braking feature to all its electric cars.

Tesla Motors had made a promise before that its electric vehicles would get the automatic emergency braking soon. If AEB feature senses that a collision is imminent, it stops or slows a car without driver involvement. The ratings of Consumers Reports matter a lot to the automaker and to the buyers who the electric car making company is trying to attract. The magazine said that the Tesla Model S sedan is not top rated in its ultra-luxury sedan category anymore and the Model S crossover is middle of the pack in its category now.

The lowered ratings of the magazine come almost a week after the filing of a lawsuit seeking class-action status in San Francisco, notes USA Today, that “alleges that Tesla had promised to deliver automatic braking and collision avoidance to cars via over-the-air updates by December, but the updates never happened.”

Tesla did not fulfill its promise; Consumer Reports drops the ratings

The magazine says that it has been assured by the automaker several times that the safety feature was on its way since it is supposed to be standard in both the cars. Consumer Reports adds that there are some owners of the Model S or the Model X who have been without the feature for as long as six months.

The AED feature is especially important because it is helpful in preventing crashes and reducing injuries. When the automaker was asked to comment on the matter, they said that the EV making company started implementing the automatic emergency braking feature to cars on Tuesday. In a statement, the EV maker said, “Our customers deserve to have access to the most advanced hardware suite available when purchasing a vehicle, due to the fact that each vehicle’s software can be updated over-the-air with increasingly advanced safety and convenience features.”