Source: The Next Web

Amazon – the online retailing giant – disclosed the Echo Look recently. The amazing device is designed for the fashion lovers and the people who are always confused about what to wear. The new product of the e-commerce giant hears the owner’s command and quickly takes photos and videos of the outfit that they are wearing.

Amazon’s new device will judge what you wear

The new Echo Look of the e-commerce company is a smart camera with a built-in AI assistant that helps you in deciding what to wear. The e-commerce giant says that the device will assist users in not only dressing but will also give them fashion advice.

However, the Echo Look – which is still in its testing stage – is not getting the warm reception that it probably expected. Several people including popular reporters and writers have criticized the new device for ‘judging a person.’

Zeynep Tufekci, an academic and sociologist, took to Twitter to write that machine learning algorithms can do a lot with regular full length pictures of users. She said that the machine learning algorithms can infer private things that the user has not disclosed like whether they are pregnant or depressed. Tufekci added, “All this to sell you more clothes. We are selling out to surveillance capitalism that can quickly evolve into authoritarianism for so cheap.”

She further added that advertisers can openly say that it is best to sell make-up to women when they feel depressed, fat and lonely. The Echo Look can steal several answers that you do not want to give.

Will Amazon sell the data of users to advertisers?

The photos and videos taken by the Amazon Echo Look will be stored in its system indefinitely unless the user manually deletes them. Yes, the pictures can be deleted but you have to actually go to the system and delete all the picture manually otherwise they will be stored in Amazon’s servers forever.

Some are questioning whether the e-commerce giant would use or is planning to use that data – photos and videos – to do something more than offer ‘fashion advice’. When the online retailing site was asked the same question, an Amazon representative told The Verge that they “can’t speculate on the topic.” The person did say that the users can delete photos and videos taken by the device whenever they want.

The e-commerce company said that it would not share any private information received by the Echo Look to third-party sites or to advertisers that display their interest-based ads.