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A man from Alabama live-streamed his suicide on the social media giant and this is not the first violent video on the social networking site. Many more videos, some showing deaths, while some displaying torture are constantly being posted on the social media platform by people and are being viewed and shared by thousands of users. This has concerned both the tech giant and the law enforcement officials.

This is a first for use, hope this isn’t a trend: Police

The law enforcement officials are concerned that other people may get influenced by such videos and make take their lives this way unless the U.S. -based social media giant discovers a way to prevent or at least monitor violence on its media platform.

Late Tuesday night, a woman from Mississippi alerted the office of Baldwin County Sheriff, saying that her friend might harm himself. The emergency dispatchers started receiving calls that they had just watched a man commit suicide on Facebook Live almost at the same time when the deputies were enroute to the scene. The deputies found the body of the 49-year-old James M. Jeffrey of Robertsdale, Ala when they arrived at the scene. The man had apparently shot himself in the head with his rifle.

The mentioned Facebook Live video had around 1,000 views and has been shared a few times as well, says Anthony Lowery, assistant chief deputy with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. The video remained on the social media platform for over two hours. Lowery told USA TODAY that this is a first for them to see someone taking their own life on a live-streaming platform. He added, “I hope this isn’t a trend starting. It’s one thing to commit suicide. It’s another thing to victimize other people.”

Facebook deeply saddened with the news

Facebook said in a statement that it was “deeply saddened.” The statement further said that the social networking site cares about the safety of their community and wants to provide assistance for people in distress. Further, the tech giant said, “In instances where someone posts about self-injury or suicide, we want to be sure that friends and family members can provide support and help. Our in-product tools provide resources to help someone reach out on Facebook to a friend who may be struggling, as well as resources for a person who may be expressing suicidal thoughts. We will continue to work with experts and organizations around the world to help people feel supported on our site.”

The social media giant has not revealed the number of people who have committed suicide on its live-streaming service. A 14-year-old girl hung herself in January in her Florida foster home whereas a 33-year-old aspiring actor shot himself in a car while live-streaming.

The Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said on the Keynote stage that they have a lot of work and they will keep doing what they can to prevent tragedies like this from happening.