Source:The Motley Fool

The images of the iPhone 8 that you might have seen on different technology sites and news site are not the real photos of the upcoming Apple iPhone. Those images are unverified, however, people who share them claim that the phone in the photos is a prototype of the new device. The images show a redesigned phone which includes several new features but take most of its lead from the iPhone 7.

iPhone 8 may not be widely available until next year: Reports

According to some sources, the new iPhone could be the most radical redesign that the smartphone has ever had to mark its 10th anniversary. The Cupertino-based smartphone making giant has not officially said anything about the new handset and we are not really expecting it to as the iPhone maker is always very mysterious about its products.

The phone shown in the images includes all the primary hardware features of the iPhone 7 and the iPhones that came before it. The phone has a power switch, rounded rectangular design and the same volume buttons, though that has been extended and lengthened down the side.

Probably the biggest change to the physical design in the iPhone 8 is the long camera hold that is now stretching down the phone. The iPhone making giant made that particular camera opening a large oval for the first time with the iPhone 6s but those have rotated now so that they move down the rear of the phone. The phone is expected to be available widely by next year as there is a delay in supply for some important components.

iPhone 8 is almost similar to the iPhone 7 in thinness and physical dimensions

According to the recent leaks, the upcoming iPhone 8 will be the same 7.1mm in thinness and almost have the same physical dimensions as the iPhone 7. This comes despite suggestions that the iPhone 8 would see a change in size and dimensions to accommodate the same size, edge-to-edge screen and iPhone maker might trim some space off the side of the iPhone as well.

The back of the iPhone 8 does not include the Apple logo that has featured on rear of every iPhone until now and from the very first one. However, that seems unlikely because the phone shows a prototype model and the Silicon Valley giant would not take such a big step of removing its branding from the iPhone all of a sudden.

Of course, there is still no guarantee that the photos leaked are showing the real phone as the Cupertino-based iPhone maker has not confirmed the images yet.