Source: The Indian Express

Apple Inc. – the Silicon Valley-based iPhone making giant – recently urged California to strengthen its proposed policy on testing self-driving cars. This move would allow the iPhone maker and other self-driving car makers in catching up to their competitors by getting more data about the tech.

Apple suggests a change in self-driving car test policy

The tech giant suggested in a letter – which was made public on Friday -a series of changes to the test policy of self-driving cars. The policy is still under development. The iPhone making giant said that it is looking forward to work with “California and others so that rapid technology development may be realized while ensuring the safety of the traveling public.”

Ford Motors, Uber Technologies Inc., Toyota Motor Corp., Tesla Motors Inc., Waymo – the self-driving car unit of Google parent company Alphabet Inc. – and several others have filed comments suggesting changes as well. On Tuesday, California said that it would review the comments before deciding if it has to make any amends to the policy that aim to enable companies to test cars without human back-up drivers and traditional steering wheels and controls.

California should revise how companies report self-driving system “disengagements.”, said the iPhone making company in its letter.

Crown Prince visits the Apple Store in Dubai Mall

The Cupertino-based smartphone maker opened its third store in the UAE recently. The Apple Store received a warm welcome from the customers and the crown prince of Dubai – Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. On Thursday, the crown prince paid a visit to the two-storey mega store in Dubai Mall.

The crown prince, along with his entourage, was spotted in Dubai Mall browsing the Apple Store. The Apple store team gave him an exclusive tour. According to several reports, the crown prince was the first customer. The visit – of course – did not go unnoticed and the fans who felt lucky to be just outside the shop apparently wasted no time in taking some pictures and videos of the prince.

Pictures and videos of the young prince, who was dressed in white kandura – have been circulating in different social media platforms since Thursday. The Apple Store opened officially on Thursday in Dubai Mall and it is believed to be the largest store in the region. The store is located near the Dubai Mall fountain and occupies two floors.