Source: Teslarati

The Tesla fans will have to wait a few more months – until September – to see the electric semi-truck that the electric car making giant is planning to launch. However, according to the Chief executive of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, the electric semi-truck should be able to do more than just hold its own performance – Overthrow other diesel-powered big rigs as well.

Design of the Semi-Truck – Few Rumors

The semi-truck of the Tesla Motors looks exactly like one would expect a transport truck to look, however, with a smooth continuous design between the upper façade and the windshield. In addition to this, there are headlights that resemble the headlights which are being used on the current Tesla electric cars, including the Model S and Model X. Hence, it is reasonable to expect some design continuity between the commercial vehicles and the consumers of the U.S.-based automaker.

The truck, however, gets more from the existing lineup of the electric car maker than just its looks, said the Chief Executive on stage. He said that the semi-truck will be a “spry” vehicle that can be driven like a sports car. Elon Musk further said that he himself has already taken the prototype for a ride.

In the meantime, the CEO also increased our interests by revealing that there will be likely four new Gigafactory sites, which will be announced in 2017. Well, we already are familiar with the huge promises that the CEO and the U.S.-based automaker has made to the people so it seems likely that the electric car maker is now building Gigafactories to fulfill those promises.

Tesla plans to finalize locations for over three Gigafactory sites this year

Even before, the electric car making giant has made it clear to the media and the consumers of Tesla that they will be making more Gigafactories in different parts of the world soon. In its most recent earnings report, the electric car maker said that it is planning to finalize location for up to three new Gigafactory sites in 2017.

Apparently, the automaker is already working on the Nevada location, and the New York plant for its solar tech that the automaker is operating in partnership with Panasonic. Both these locations are not included in the “three new Gigafactory sites” that Tesla Motors announced recently.

Recently, the popular tech news site reported that the meeting of Musk with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang could have included discussions around a possible Gigafactory site. The site follows a recent significant investment by giant China-based Internet firm Tencent.