Source: BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar – A France-based startup – is releasing a brand new service and application named BlaBlaLines today. The new app is all about daily commutes and short distance carpooling so that one can leave their car at home. The French startup is going to release this new app progressively.

The service is similar to subway or bus line: BlaBlaCar Co-Founder

Tech news site TechCrunch notes that, “The app will only be available on Android at first, and it’ll only work between a handful of French cities — between Reims and Châlons-en-Champagne, and between Toulouse and Mountauban. These are popular routes for commuters of around 50 kilometers.” When it comes to carpooling, there are a few problems that should be mentioned.

Firstly, the drivers – most of them – do not want to waste their time in waiting for the riders and secondly, the riders do not want to waste their time waiting in their office or any other place for several hours just because their driver still has work to do. The new service BlaBlaCar believes that it can solve those issues.

When TechCrunch reporter talked to Frédéric Mazzella, the Co-Founder of BlaBlaCar, he compared the service to a bus line or a subway. According to the co-founder of the company, the passenger can book a ride from anywhere in a few taps by using the app. The app will automatically create a line and assign a stop – similar to a bus stop – and the passenger will have to wait for their ride over there.

How does the app work?

The carpooling service of Waze is a little different because drivers have to pick up other users at home, which wastes their time as people get late at times. In case of this service, however, the driver gets a push notification whenever a person requests a ride.

Drivers then have to accept rides in the BlaBlaLines application. What is interesting about the app is that the passengers will have to make cash payment instead of app payment for their rides. Mazzella said, “Today, we don’t take any cut. Our goal is to get users and tractions first.” The French startup showed an example between Mountauban and Toulouse during its recent presentation. A typical ride could cost the passenger $6.55, according to the images. The BlaBlaLines app is a brand new app which works only on a mobile. The user has to create a new account to use the app.

Currently, the French company handles 12 million rides per quarter and has 40 million users. For long-distance ridesharing, BlaBlaCar is the global leader.