Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, reported the latest quarterly earnings report for the second quarter of this year. The most recent earnings report of the Cupertino-based tech company was a big revelation for many people. CEO Tim Cook looked his cool and positive self while reporting the results on the publicly-streamed conference call.

Apple does not disclose the sales numbers of Apple Watch

However, just like with other Apple products like iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc., the tech giant did not reveal the exact sales numbers of the Apple Watch. The CEO, instead, boasted that the Apple Watch made double sales in comparison to sales number of last year. While the Apple Watch may have made twice as much sales this year, it is still being included in the ‘Other products’ category of the Silicon Valley giant. The iPhone maker has lumped the wearable into the same revenue category as Beats products and AirPods instead of breaking them into separate heads.

Cook doubled on his denial – later in the second quarter call during the Q&A session – to reveal the actual numbers of the products. He called the ‘Other Products’ equivalent to a very important product category for them. Then, Cook made the same claim again, saying the sales of Apple Watch doubled in six of the 12 top markets.

He said, “When you begin to combine the watch revenues with the revenues for AirPods … and then add the Beats products that our customers really enjoy as well and look on the trailing 12 months, that business was well into the Fortune 500.” When asked for more information, he said that the tech giant is very committed to its smart watches and its other wearable devices – not giving even an inch of information regarding the sales.

AirPods may still not be in your ‘To-Buy’ list but who did buy are quite happy with it

Several people who use iPhone may still be unsure about spending $159 on buying the wireless headphones of the tech giant but who did buy look quite happy with it. We are not saying that – it is all said by a survey of over 1000 people. According to a survey conducted by analyst Ben Bajarin and Experian, the wire-free earbuds – AirPods of Apple – have not been on the market for long (launched in December last year) but people seem to really like them.

Over 942 owners of AirPods took part in the survey, where 82% of them said they were “very satisfied” with their cordless headphones while another 16% saying that they were ‘satisfied’. Overall, 98% of the people in the survey said they were satisfied with the product. In comparison, a similar study in 2007 found that only 92% people were satisfied with the iPhone where in 2015, 97% of respondents said they were satisfied with Apple Watch.