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Comcast – the largest internet service provider in the world – recently announced the release of Xfinity xFi. xFi is a new platform that is designed to improve the online experience of Comcast users. The XFi platform is very easy to use, which is one of its best features, and it is pretty useful for users who want some more privacy and security.

xFi available to all Comcast users

Xfinity xFi is immediately available to all the existing customers – over 10 million – who are using the XB3 Gateway currently and users who are getting the new xFi Advanced Wireless Gateway. The Advanced Gateway, which was first announced at the CES this year, is available to the gigabit internet customers of Comcast only – at least for now. These devices act as a combined wireless router and cable modem for Comcast internet subscribers.

The internet provider said that the users can easily manage the home network with a dashboard that is accessible via a mobile – both on Android and iOS – or a web interface or the X1 voice remote. The features that can be managed through the dashboard are:

  • Set up process
  • Wi-Fi Passwords
  • Parental Control
  • Information about connected clients

What is the xFi Advanced Gateway of Comcast?

Users can easily pause the Wi-Fi access to certain devices or the entire network with xFi, said the internet company. In addition to this, the users can control the activities of all devices, receive alerts when a new device connects to their home network, and manage multiple devices by grouping them into profiles, with the new xFi service.

The xFi Gateways have built-in defense against malware and phishing just like the other new Wi-Fi systems. The TP-Link Deco M5 and the Amped Wireless Ally have built-in defense as well. The users can manage their home network from any place and at any time as the xFi gateways are designed to connect to Comcast’s cloud all the time. The xFi platform basically turns Comcast gateways into a modern networking device similar to full-fledged Wi-Fi systems, notes CNET.

Comcast users who are not using their own modem can begin with the new xFi by going to the through browser of their PC or by downloading its mobile app.