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When was the last time you actually used your landline phone? There is a 99% chance that you are currently using a mobile or a tablet instead of a landline. The traditional landlines not only lack the common medium of communication – messaging – but also most of the important features like Android, Google Play Store, Games, etc. But the online retailer is working on a trendy landline device that you will most likely want to keep in your living room.

Amazon understands the importance of landline phones

Earlier this week, the U.S.-based e-commerce giant unveiled the Echo Show. The device ‘Echo Show’ comes with two powerful speakers, touchscreen, camera as well as the Alexa voice assistant of Amazon. The Echo Show of the online retailing giant costs $230.

The Amazon Echo Show works like the original Amazon Echo so do not be confused by its display. Just like with the original ‘Amazon Echo,’ you tell the device to play a song by saying ‘Alexa, play some Beach House’ and it will starts streaming Beach House songs by using the most-used music streaming platform of the user. The user does not even have to open the Spotify app on the screen.

The Echo Show, however, is not an Echo with a built-in Android tablet; instead it is an Echo with an information display. Your voice remains the main user interface even though you can pause the music by tapping on the screen. The news site TechCrunch notes, “There’s one thing you can do with a display that you couldn’t do before — video calls. Amazon didn’t invent Skype calls. Arguably, I’d even say that Apple made video calls popular again thanks to FaceTime.”

Why is Amazon Echo Show great for your home?

The trend of whatsapping, messaging, video-calling and instagraming is so strong that it does not seem natural to cold call your friend and acquaintance anymore. We rarely pick our phones these days, most of the work is done through texts.

Other companies such as Insensi and Nucleus have worked on the same tech and the online retailing giant is probably inspired by them. The e-commerce giant is making the phone calls a little less intimidating. You can shout “Call Mom, Alexa” and your mom will appear on the screen of the device.

The best thing about the device is ‘ease of use.’ Almost everyone can use the device, including elderly people and young kids.