Source: Capital FM

Do you know what the flower reaction of the tech giant means? It is back on the social networking site with other reactions and some of the Facebook users still do not know the meaning of the reaction which is why they use it almost anywhere.

Here’s what the ‘Flower’ emoji really means

The next time you log in to your Facebook account, you might notice an extra reaction in the lineup. Also, this is not the first time that we are seeing this reaction. We saw it before – around the same time last year. The flower emoji is liked and is being used by several people now but it may not stand for what they think. The flower emoji actually means “thankful” or “grateful” and it is brought in the social media platform in honor of Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday – March 14th.

Originally, the social networking site introduced the flower reaction in 2016 around the same time. Currently, including the flower icon, there are over five other emojis: haha, sad, angry, love, and wow. All the five reactions are being used by the Facebook users in large amounts and regularly. Now that the flower icon is back, there are total six reactions but the flower icon is expected to last only till the Mother’s Day. It is just one of the many features that the social networking site is rolling out to commemorate Mother’s Day.

In addition to the flower reaction, the tech giant is adding Mother’s Day-themed frames and masks to its camera, and its users can send digital greetings cards as well.

Facebook users to get new legal right to delete all posts they made as teens

The social media giant users will be given a new legal right to delete all messages, pictures, and information that they put online before they turned 18 under a new manifesto pledge, which was declared by Theresa May. The PM will announce plans for new legislation amid concerns that the career prospects of people are being damaged significantly by comments which they made as teens. The new legislation comes after criticism of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites for hosting videos of child abuse and hate speech online.

“The internet has brought a wealth of opportunity but also significant new risks which have evolved faster than society’s response to them,” said Mrs. May. She added, “We want social media companies to do more to help redress the balance and will take action to make sure they do. These measures will help make Britain the best place in the world to start and run a digital business, and the safest place in the world for people to be online.”