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The WWDC developers conference of the Cupertino-based iPhone making giant – Apple Inc. – will start on June 5 and there are rumors that the tech giant will reveal two new devices at the event in San Jose. The tech company’s products fans will be in a treat next month as the WWDC 2017 conference will begin then.

Apple fans can expect some new devices at the WWDC 2017 conference

The WWDC developers conference of the tech company is going to bring hundreds and thousands of developers together to assist in making new applications, software and share experiences for some of the biggest products of the iPhone maker. At the conference, the Apple users frequently get a glimpse of the upcoming devices, new versions of MacOS and iOS, and other important information.

The Silicon Valley giant is expected to unveil iOS 11 this year. The expected update to the operating system could bring a host of improvements to its iPad and iPhones devices. The WWDC Developers Conference is mostly software focused but this year, we are expecting it to be a little different from others, given the rumors that are rife in the market. As per rumors, a new hardware will be shown to the world by the iPhone making giant as well.

It has been rumored that the Cupertino-based iPhone maker could release a new Amazon Echo competitor in June at its conference.

Apple employees testing a new device: Report

According to a new report by tech-based news site Bloomberg, some of the key employees of the Silicon Valley giant have already begun testing this new device inside their houses for a few months. The speaker is expected to be powered by Siri and will likely go on sale as a premium product. In addition to this, the device is expected to be much more expensive than the Amazon Echo.

It would make sense for the tech company to make the announcement regarding the new devices at the WWDC developers conference because it would give the tech giant time to enlist developers to create applications for the new hardware.

Already, the Silicon Valley giant owns speaker and headphone brand ‘Beats’ and over million people subscribe to Apple Music now. This would make it easy for the Silicon Valley giant to make a good name in the industry.