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The video call feature is the best feature of Amazon’s Echo Show. The user can purchase several devices for their family and call the devices using the recently launched hardware. The device is best for grandparents and young kids as it is super easy to use. We recently reported about the device and we also found that the device is inspired by another startup.

Amazon has built a copycat: Report

The online-retailing giant ‘Amazon Inc.’ recently invested in a startup called Nucleus and then built a copycat. The startup company has spent a lot of time in figuring out if there was a potential market for its new device but it never predicted that this would happen to its tech. Nucleus had come up with a simple hardware with a camera, microphone, speaker and a display. The device calls a person whenever the user taps on that person’s name.

If the person, who the user is trying to call, has a Nucleus device then it is going to ring the device. The owner of the Nucleus device can pick up calls even when they are travelling by using the mobile app. Nucleus has integrated the voice assistant of the e-commerce giant – Alexa – so that the user can ask their queries as well, just like with the Amazon Echo.

The company has launched its device after several years of work. People can purchase the device on the online retailing site and other websites. The startup company raised over $5.6 million Series A funding round from Alexa Fund of Amazon Inc. last year. Amazon is the main investor in the startup currently.

Here’s what Nucleus has to say about Echo Show

In a statement, the startup said that it has been working closely with the online retailer since 2014. Nucleus said that it announced its Series A round led by The Alexa Fund just last year in September. The startup further said, “However, the larger question here is “should retailers and developers be wary about partnering with larger corporations like Amazon?” The direction that Amazon is taking is a step backward for the Alexa ecosystem and innovation overall, but more importantly, will have wide-ranging repercussions across many different and seemingly unrelated industries; imagine the impact on other retailers of Amazon having their shopping carts in every room of a home. But we have the team, technology, plan and a strategy for keeping Amazon in check, and this is an opportunity to find strong partners who share our values and are willing to put the consumer first.”

This is not the first time that a technology giant has copied a smaller company. Almost all major technology companies have done it sometime in their past and are currently doing it. But does that mean it should be acceptable? No.