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How easy it is for you to sort through over 10,000 to 50,000 resumes by hand? Well, it would not really come in the ‘easy scale.’ Will it? We don’t think so. It would be really efficient if someone else – preferably a machine – could do this work for us because nearly all of us know that recruiters take months to evaluate applicants and still lose some amazing candidates who have the potential for the offered job.

Use Riminder to find the ideal candidates for jobs

Recently, the France-based startup touted its deep learning-powered platform on the stage of Startup Battlefield of TechCrunch. The startup showed how its platform could augment recruiters and help them in finding better and ideal contenders for job openings. The French startup generates candidate rankings for open jobs by comparing several applicant resumes against resumes from existing employees and others worldwide with similar job titles.

The company actually uses the mixture of natural language processing and computer vision to build profiles of what ideal resumes should look like for given roles. When a resume is processed, the recruiters can see the applicant’s strengths as well as weakness and merits as well as demerits. The startup makes it pretty simple for the recruiter to identify market trends and see the information visually, like the most common skills that applicants for a specific kind of job typically have, the most popular colleges to recruit from, or the number of languages an applicant typically speaks and understands, etc.

Riminder team runs tests on historical data for finding potential candidate

The aim of the company is to ensure that the recruiters have all the information that they require to judge candidates on both their mastery of key skills and their ability to fit into company culture. To prove that it is the best in what it does and to show that it is of great value to a potential recruiting client, the team frequently runs tests on the historical data of the applicant as well.

Mouhidine Seiv, founder of Riminder, told the news site TechCrunch, “When we compared results, recruiters found 3x more candidates they were interested in, they just weren’t using the right keywords.”

He also said that some companies reject certain applications from international candidates just because they do not feel comfortable evaluating the applications. The French company has also participated in the CentraleSupelec Incubator. Currently, the startup is running betas with ride hailing giant such as Blablacar and Uber Technologies.