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We have been covering the Facebook Thailand related news since a long time and now it looks like the authorities of Thailand have finally backed off their threat to stop services of the social networking site in the country. The authorities of Thailand are very sensitive of content about the new King Vajiralongkorn and nearly the entire world came to know about the level of their sensitivity this week.

Facebook fails to block all illicit content but Thailand is okay with it

No one probably would have thought that this day would come when the country – Thailand – itself backed off from a threat to ban the social media giant for failing to block illegal content, including videos and posts that were critical of the monarchy. Before, the country gave the U.S.-based tech giant the deadline of 10:00 local time (04:00 GMT) to block over 131 pages from being seen within the country. However, the social networking site was unable to do so and people could still some offending pages critical of the monarchy on Tuesday. The pages remained accessible even after Tuesday.

When asked why the country did not take any action, the authorities of Thailand said that held off from taking action as court orders were not delivered to the tech company in time. The threat to ban and take legal action against the social media giant was issued by the authorities of the country last week. More than a third of the 131 pages, according to news outlet ‘BBC News’, were deemed to have violated the strict lese-majeste laws of Thailand.

The remaining pages contained other kinds of illicit content like phishing scams, pornography and gambling

Criminal court order issued for 34 pages: Mr. Tantasith

Takorn Tantasith, the secretary-general of the Thai telecom regulator, gave a statement to the media after the Tuesday morning deadline passed. He said that authorities of the country were seeking court orders for 97 pages while criminal court orders had been issued for the other 34 pages.

Mr. Takorn, who is from National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC), said that none of the documents had been sent to the social media giant yet, which means that the pages were still accessible in the country.

He said that the social networking site was co-operating with them. Whether a new deadline has been set or not, is not yet clear but we will keep updating you about this news.