Source: Nerd's Magazine

Facebook- the U.S. – based social media giant which is run by CEO Mark Zuckerberg – wants its millions of users to watch the video gaming tournaments on its platform. On Thursday, the social networking site said that it has partnered with Electronic Sports League, which is now called ESL, to live stream video game tournaments, popularly known as eSports.

Facebook partners with ESL to livestream video gaming tournaments

The tech giant will – as part of its deal with ESL – live stream upcoming ESL tournaments in which the players fight each other in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (the first-person military shooter game). The social networking site will host a weekly show as well that will be dedicated to interviews and highlights with players who are participating in the Counter Strike tournament.

Twitch – the video game streaming site – is still the de facto home for esports content. A report indicated last year in June that around 100 million Twitch users had streamed over 800 million hours of esports in the last ten months on the service, with league and event organizers collecting the most share of those views. News site TechCrunch notes that the event and league organizers collected over 71.3% of all esports viewership.

Not so long ago, the social media giant had announced its partnership with the MLB to live stream a number of regular season games, hence, its recent announcement of signing a deal with global esports company ESL indicates that the social network will be competing with Twitch in no time. With its most recent deal, the social media giant will bring over 5,550 hours of esports events – including 1,500 hours of original programming – and other original content to its platform.

Facebook to challenge both Twitter and Twitch with this move

The recent deal with ESL will also assist the social media giant in challenging the micro-blogging giant ‘Twitter’ and the Amazon-owned ‘Twitch.’ Both the social networks have esports deals as part of their efforts in the live streaming market. Intel Extreme Masters and DreamHack are available for live-streaming on the micro-blogging site, both on mobile and web, directly through the Twitter application.

As for Twitch, it announced its own partnerships with DreamHack and ESL in March to bring over 15 events from the ESL One. All the Intel Extreme Masters and ESL One contests will stream via ESL’s Facebook network across six languages, which are French, Polish, German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.