Spotify –the music streaming app – has recently made its fourth acquisition of 2017. The music streaming company recently announced that it has purchased an Artificial Intelligence based startup, dubbed Niland. Spotify – one of the major rivals of the tech giant’s Apple Music – announced that the AI startup Niland has joined its ranks.

AI startup Niland now a part of Spotify

Niland – the France-based AI startup – offered an API-based product that is focused on providing more accurate search and recommendation options for music. Niland, which was founded in 2013, had raised undisclosed funding from French investor IT Translation. The AI startup graduated the Paris-based accelerator program Agoranov.

The Paris-based AI company will join the research and development team of the music streaming company, said Spotify. The R&D team of the music streaming giant is based in New York. According to the Spotify – the digital music service that gives the users access to millions of songs – the Paris-based startup will help in honing the personalization and recommendation features of the music service for giving users high level experience.

In a statement, the digital music service said, “Niland has changed the game for how AI technology can optimize music search and recommendation capabilities and shares Spotify’s passion for surfacing the right content to the right user at the right time,”

On its website, the founding team of the France-based AI startup wrote that they will keep working on new ways to better understand music in order to craft better innovative listening and discovery experiences.

Spotify boosting its tech chops: Report

The popular music streaming service, which reached 50 million paying users in March, has been busy this year in boosting its tech services and creating new and better features through several successful acquisitions. The digital music service, which may delay its much-anticipated IPO until next year, has made personalization an important part of its service with tailored playlists such as Discovery Weekly and Release Radar. The former playlist – Discovery Weekly – reached over 40 million users within its first year, underling the value of intelligent and easy to use discovery.

Overall, the popular music streaming service has more than 100 million listeners, including the ones who have been using the free version. Its major competitor in music streaming space – Apple Music – reached just 20 million users in December; hence, it is only fair to think that it is closing in on 30 million.

The music streaming service has picked up several startups including audio detection startup Sonalytic, content recommendation startup MightyTV and blockchain startup Mediachain, since January this year.