Source: Amazon Kenya

Recently, the online-retailing giant announced that it will offer live television channels via its Prime Video service for an additional fee. The people will be able to subscribe to popular channels like Eurosport and Discovery individually, without paying for several channels.

Amazon bringing some changes to Prime Video

In the UK, Amazon Prime Video offered only on-demand TV shows and films until now. However, one analyst said that the release line-up of channels was “not immediately desirable” and would struggle to persuade satellite TV customers. Tom Harrington, an analyst at Enders, “Amazon launched a similar thing in the US, and the big selling point was that you could get HBO and Showtime programmes, all under one umbrella.” Harrington added, “That’s not going to happen here. Sky have HBO and Showtime locked down, at least for now, and will hold on to them aggressively.”

He further said that when a person looks at what is available in the UK, they will notice that it lacks the “wow factor.” Currently, Discovery Communications is providing the best-known pay-tv channels to the service. It offers Discovery Channel for £4.99 a month and Eurosport for £6.99 a month. In addition to this, viewers must pay for an Amazon Prime membership as well at £79 a year.

ITV will offer access to its free channels – like ITV Be and ITV 2 – and an add-free version of its streaming service for a monthly fee of £3.99.

This is just the beginning point – Amazon Video MD

Alex Green, managing director of Amazon Video, said that this is a starting point. He added that they are providing linear TV channels where it makes sense. He said that the online retailing site has a good spread of big partners and he is sure that it will only grow.

Mr. Green said, “The core of the experience on Prime Video is on-demand streaming, and that will still be the core of the experience.” The viewers of the traditional television channels will also be able to pay for curated “channels” of programmes to stream on-demand, like Horse & Country Play and the Yoga Anytime Channel. Horse & Country Play is actually billed as the “home of equestrianism”.

According to Mr. Harrington, it would be difficult for streaming services to provide conventional television services at a competitive price. In an interview to the news outlet BBC News, he said, “In the US, YouTube, Amazon, Apple and Facebook have been vocal about getting TV bundles together, but YouTube is the only one to have done it so far. It’s very hard to build from all these different suppliers and put these channels together at a price that is compatible to a cable offering.”