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The Essential smartphone, which will come with a new AI assistant, is set to come really soon. The phone made by Essential – the company headed by Android Developer Andy Rubin – was announced only recently and this device is going to bring some really big and notable changes in the mobile market with its big, bezel-free screen, bold design, and modular features.

Wait until late June to get your hands on this amazing phone

The man behind Android phone is none other the founder of Android Inc. and Danger Inc. – Mr. Andrew E. Andy Rubin. Rubin is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, computer programmer, and engineer. He is also a partner at venture capital firm Redpoint Ventures and the Chief Executive Officer as well as founder of tech startup incubator Playground Global.

The Essential phone is a flagship phone and according to the reports, the smartphone is not cheap but it could have enough features to justify the price tag. The phone will be out in late June and will cost $699 (around £545, AU$940). The smartphone is up for pre-order in the United States only for now. Andy Rubin – the CEO of Essential – said during Code Conference 2017 on May 31 that the phone will be available within 30 days, which means it should go on sale in late June.

The only sad news related to the Essential phone is that it will be coming to the US only. There is no news whatsoever about the phone being released in other countries and the company itself has not announced if or when it will release the smartphone across the world. Maybe the company is starting slow and wants to see the reviews it gets for the phone from the US buyers before selling the phone in other countries worldwide.

Specs of the Essential Phone

The Essential phone has 5.71-inch, 2560 x 1312 display with an edge-to-edge screen. By edge-to-edge display, we mean really edge to edge with no bezel and only a small sliver at the bottom and a cut-out for the front-facing camera. The small bezels should assist in keeping the phone comfortably fit in your hand despite the large size of the phone. The company is calling the screen a “Full Display.” The screen has a 19:10 aspect ratio, which means that like the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8’s 18:9 size, it is more widescreen than a typical 16:9 phone.

In addition to this, the Essential Phone is made from a mix of titanium and ceramic. Both materials are unusual choices but titanium is probably used to make the device harder, more resilient and stronger than aluminum.