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Facebook has finally taken another step into politics with new tools that will help elected officials in reaching constituents. The social media giant – Facebook Inc. – has released several features this year to make it even easier for people to reach their government representatives on the social network like the “Town Hall” feature and other related integrations with News Feed.

Facebook releases features designed for elected officials

The social networking site has released several new ways to share the contact information of the representative in posts. The social media platform expanded on those initiatives recently with new features that are designed for elected officials themselves. The new tools, according to news site TechCrunch, will assist the officials in connecting with their constituents and understand in a better way which issues their constituents care about the most.

The social media giant is specifically rolling out three new features:

  1. Constituent badges
  2. District targeting
  3. Constituent insights

The new, opt-in feature released recently is ‘constituent badges’ that enables the users of the tech giant to identify themselves as a person living in the district that the elected official represents. The social networking site determines whether or not someone is a constituent on the basis of the address information provided in Town Hall. The social network users will be notified to turn on constituent badges when they comment on or like the posts of their representatives through a unit that appears on the page. They can also go to the Town Hall section on the social network to turn on the badge themselves.

People unable to share any articles or post articles

The largest news publishers of the world as well as the individual users have been attacked by this problem. The social networking site has stopped working and the users are unable to share any articles or post articles on the platform.

This problem comes just when the UK is heading to the polls in the general election. The social media giant has been one of the central platforms of this election and parties have been spending millions of dollars on advertising to share on the social networking site. Now, it appears like both the news publishers and Facebook users are not able to share on the platform. It is still not clear why the problem is happening but this is not the first time that the sharing tools of the site have stopped working.

The social networking site itself is working just fine and other parts of the platform – like the Timeline – are loading up. However, there would not be any recent links nor is it possible to post any new links on the Timeline.