Source: Empire

Isn’t it irritating when you are watching a show and after a few series or only few episodes, you are bored with it? Well, Netflix gets annoyed with it too and it does something you cannot do – cancel the show. Reed Hastings, the Chief Executive Officer of the video streaming giant, said last week that the streaming service should be canceling more shows soon.

Netflix could cancel Marseille and Flaked

The video streaming giant cancelled the sci-fi epic Sense8 of the Wachowskis last week. Only a week before that, the streaming service had cancelled another show – Baz Luhrmann’s hip-hop musical The Get Down. The decision made by the streaming company is understandable given the expenses. The original show ‘Sense8’ shot around the world but could not get much audience. As for ‘The Get Down,’ it cost millions per episode.

Only a few shows including Hemlock Grove, Marco Polo, Lilyhammer and Bloodline have their runs ended before slated time. After those shows, these two cancellations were the latest. Flaked – a Will Arnett–led sad-com about life in Venice, California – has topped most lists of ‘not popular Netflix shows’. The shows had a very low buzz and even poorer reviews but it still got a second season that premiered on June 2 this year. We are expecting the streaming giant to cut this series short pretty soon.

Another show that has received bad reviews is ‘Marseille.’ This is another Netflix show that received the second season but has not garnered much attention in the world. Marseille has been a large investment made by the streaming giant in France but even people of France are not influenced by the show. As the streaming service has a second French original – named Osmosis – lined up for release, we could be bidding farewell to Marseille soon.

House of Cards and Iron Fist could get cancelled by Netflix, here’s why

The video streaming giant has invested so heavily in its Marvel original series that it appears unlikely for the company to eliminate any of the great defenders anytime soon. However, Danny Rand could join up with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in the Defenders or any next installments thereof. The streaming giant could also cancel the Iron Fist quietly by continuing to make Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones seasons between installments of the Defenders and just forgetting about the Iron Fist.

The Sophia Amoruso series Girlboss was released in April but there has been no official confirmation of a second season yet, which is quite surprising given the history of Netflix shows. The show is not getting good reviews, which may compel the streaming service to cancel the show. House of Cards has earned a lot of fervor in its first five seasons but it is very costly to make as well. Creator Beau Willimon left the show after season four. The sixth season of the show is already under making but it’s only so much a series can show and the streaming giant may decide to cancel the show when it gets too lingering for audience and too costly for makers.