Source:The Motley Fool

According to recent reports and rumors, the Cupertino-based iPhone maker could be getting ready to offer a new treat to its buyers with the launch of the upcoming and very much awaited iPhone 8, which the Silicon Valley giant will be releasing around the month of late September or early October to mark its 10th anniversary.

Here’s why buyers could get a big treat with the iPhone 8

According to recent report by news site ‘The Sun’, the tech giant could give OLED displays, wireless charging and free AirPods with the launch of the iPhone 8. Of course, this is an important year for the Silicon Valley giant as  well as its fans so it is not surprising that the tech company is coming up with so many gifts.

The reports by The Sun talk about rumors that are still whirling in the market. The rumors are about some new features like a 3D camera, infinity screen to compete with the likes of Samsung S8. The rumors further suggests that the upcoming smartphone will not be as expensive as we thought before instead it is expected to be a lot more affordable that what we previously thought.

According to Steven Milunovich, an analyst from global financial services giant UBS, the prices of the tech giant are anticipated “to stay around the same price as the iPhone 7.” Well, that’s good news, right? We think so. The flagship phone could start from $1100 (Australian currency), said the popular analyst.

The report which was seen and read by news site Mac Rumors, says “Contrary to some perceptions, Apple prices quite competitively. Apple likes to position its entry-level products at the mid-market with ‘Pro/Plus’ products close to competitors at the high end.”

Where and when the iPhone will be released?

According to other experts, purchasing an iPhone 8 could set a person back more than $1400. Australian news outlet notes this is because the 10th anniversary smartphone will, as per reports, have high-quality OLED display, 256GB of storage, 3D sensors and augmented reality technologies.

The iPhone 7 was released last year on the 16th of September and the tech giant is expected to keep up with the same timeline and release the phone around the same time. However, an analyst claims that the much awaited iPhone 8 could be unveiled later in October. Nothing is certain yet so we will be touch with that news in the future. The iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 5 and 5S were all released in September of consecutive years. According to analysts from JP Morgan, the iPhone 8 will come with free wireless headphones – its AirPods.