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Many would have noticed that Facebook – the social media giant – has added only a limited-edition rainbow (Pride) reaction for Pride Week. If some people have not seen the rainbow button on the social networking site yet, then it is because the social media giant wants it that way, says a report by news site ‘’’

Facebook celebrating the Pride Week with only some people

We are seeing a colorful, limited-edition Pride Reaction during the Pride Month. We can see a small rainbow icon on the regular “like” option. There is a small and simple explanation if you have not yet seen the pride button or you cannot find how to use the feature.

The social media giant is giving users access to the limited-edition rainbow reaction during the Pride month but it is not available in all places or for all people. The feature, according to the social networking site, is available as default for people who “like” the Facebook LBGQT page or for users living in major markets with Pride celebrations.

The limited release of the pride feature has been met with severe censure, with people indicating that theme reaction buttons for Halloween and Mother’s Day were available for everyone – those buttons did not require users to like a page for access. The blog post of the social media giant said that the pride reaction would not be available in all places because it is “a new experience [Facebook has] been testing”. The feature has met with praise from several members of the LGBQT community since its release.

People praise Facebook’s new Pride button

A user wrote on the LBGQT page of the social network, “Wow it’s so good that your doing this for our community now. I hope you will keep all these feature even after Pride month is all over with.” Another user wrote, “Love this background. I have some family and friends and I support them 1000%. I didn’t teach my kid tolerance, I taught my kids love. Love for everyone.”

According to reports by news site Quartz, a user wrote, “Not everyone has a mother, or a good relationship with their mother, but we all got purple ‘thankful’ flowers for Mother’s Day.”

As per some people, the social media giant has made the pride button unavailable in some places because it does not want to offend those who may not be supportive of LBGQT rights. A user said, “It kind of feels like Facebook higher-ups are afraid of losing whatever percentage of their userbase are hateful bigots so they hide it behind liking this page so that nobody who would get upset will accidentally see it.” Another user said, “What I’m seeing here is Facebook is trying to play both sides. ‘Here’s a rainbow reaction if you’re not homophobic. If you are, no problem! It’s opt in only! You’ll never have to see it!’ So you get all the praise and little to no pushback.”