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Microsoft – the hardware making company and the Windows maker – is now rethinking its strategy when it comes to building more startup companies in Paris. Like all other major tech companies, the software maker understands the value of artificial intelligence, which is why it is going to focus on the same.

A new program to start at Station F in Paris by Microsoft

The hardware making company will be leading a new artificial intelligence program for AI startups in Paris at station F. For several years now, the hardware maker has had a startup accelerator in the Sentier neighborhood. The software making giant is going to focus exclusively on AI with a partnership with INRIA when Station F opens at the end of this month. The windows maker will be moving everything to the startup campus.

In an interview to news site TechCrunch, Microsoft France Developer Experience leader Christophe Shaw, said that they think “that we’re first going to select 5 or 6 startups that can foster an ecosystem around INRIA and themselves. The idea is that we’re eventually going to have a hundred startups in this club.” is the first startup to join this AI startup program. The France based startup has been building a service that assists the user in building, releasing and managing chatbots. The French company takes care of hosting those bots as well. Several other big France-based companies have been depending on the French AI startup for their bots.  In an interview to TechCrunch, Patrick Joubert – the chief executive officer and co-founder of the company, said, “We’ve been lucky that Microsoft spotted us from the very beginning of Recast. We’ve been using Microsoft Azure to host our service.” excited to work with Microsoft

The team of the French AI startup is looking forward to work next to other AI people so that they can learn from as well as guide each other. They will also be talking with the INRIA researchers and the Microsoft experts as part of the program. is hoping that they will be able to find new clients by being surrounded with many other companies at Station F in Paris. Shaw said that they do not plan to invest or acquire startups through this program. The hardware maker is planning to assist all the other companies at Station F with some developer perks as well. According to the report by TechCrunch, if someone is working from Station F, they will automatically get free credit on Microsoft Azure as part of their plan to aid startups.

Shaw said, “Eventually, we want to host one event per day at Station F, from technical presentations to business workshops.”