Source: ARS Technica

It has been around three days that connectivity problems, which prevented some skype users from being able to send or receive messages, log in, make and receive calls and the Windows making giant, started and Microsoft is now saying that it has fully resolved the problem. However, several people in different countries like India and the UK are still not able to use the platform completely.

Microsoft refusing to disclose what actually happened

The decision of the tech giant to stay silent about the skype ‘not working’ incident is now getting into the nerves of many people and tech experts. The software making company is not disclosing what really happened to cause a skype outage. The outage had impacted users across the world, from countries in the Europe, to India, Japan and Pakistan, among several others.

The hacking group, dubbed Cyber Team, not long ago claimed that it was behind the skype outage and now it looks like the hacking group may be true and it may be to blame for the skype issue.  Mostly the companies just admit when there is an issue like this – they tend to reveal all the facts like who was behind it, how they are dealing with the issue and how much time will it take but Microsoft is a totally different case. The hardware maker has addressed the issue but declined to comment on the matter.

What we really expect the Windows maker to do is to reassure its users about whatever had caused the Skype outage and publish a report on it. Well, we can only expect.

People reaction to the skype outage

There have been some speculations that a DDoS attack could have caused this attack.  It appears possible but nothing can be said for certain currently. The hardware maker is still not providing any comments or details on the matter.

The Windows maker – when asked to confirm the exact time frame of the outage – only talked about the Skype Heartbeat page for information while noting that it had nothing further to share “at the moment.” The page also briefs updates, saying that they are aware of an incident and they are seeing improvements. Further, the page said “we have made some configuration corrections.”

According to traffic-monitoring service DownDetector, the outage of Skype has impacted European users largely. People have been using Twitter to vent out their frustration with skype and ask for answers. A user wrote, “What about an official statement @skype – there are people who depend on skype for work… “

Another user noted that it was only recently that he realized how much he depends on Skype for remote working! #skypedown”