Source: Headstart Network Foundation

The founder of this startup probably has the most interesting story for you. Nicholas Shekerdemian, according to news site TechCrunch, met with a technical co-founder after dropping out of college. They both then ended up starting a company that is now popular in the world as Headstart.

Headstart has high and interesting goals

Shekerdemian, who was helping match English teachers with Chinese citizens at that time, actually wanted to start a company that would solve his personal issue, which was finally getting a job at a cookie cutter company where almost everyone applied. The man then started a company called Headstart that is geared toward finding the right candidates for the right jobs and removing all the needless and pointless time-consuming hold ups that has kept a person from finding the best job (for them).

It is an issue that both large and small companies have been facing since a long time as hiring wrong people for a certain job can be very costly for the company. In addition to this, the recruiters are mostly working with very little information about the candidate. The startup company is working to discover candidate information and finding whether the person has the cultural fit and technical expertise with a company. If the person has all those things, then the company assists the person in connecting with the company.

The company is launching out of Summer 2017 class of Y Combinator. Shekerdemia, notes the tech news site, said, “Companies still use basic criteria — qualifications, grades, University — and screen people out of the process.”

What a Job Seeker must do for using Headstart services?

The founder of the company added, “That’s not the things make up whether someone can do a job. That’s a part of the picture, not the whole picture. We wanted to create a platform where students could build a profile, have everything from interests, skills, personality assessments, resumé data, and everything that represented what you’re like as a person. And we wanted to use that fingerprint to essentially match that to how suitable they’d be from a value, cultural and technical perspective.”

The recruiters frequently only have a resume and a CV to work with. The job seekers can apply to Headstart by filling out an application form that collects the kind of profile which provides more insight into a candidate for companies. According to the founder of the company, the information gathered from both small and large companies transforms into a kind of defensible data set that can allow the company to perform higher quality candidate matching.

The companies – both small and large – can get detailed profile of the candidate. This can offer them an opportunity to get a more informative and detailed look at a set of candidates that are right for a given job.