Source: The Indian Express


Apple – the Cupertino-based iPhone maker – and Microsoft – the Windows making giant – are trying to solve the problem with tablets but it looks like they are too advanced for their own good. The sales of tablets is declining and there is an issue that is plaguing almost all tablet computers, which is “what to replace them with?”

Tech companies have a new plan for tablets

All companies, at some point of time, face some problem related to their product but tech giants like the Silicon Valley giant and the hardware maker are facing strange problems – their products are too good to be replaced. In Australia, the sales figure of conventional tablet computers is dropping and it is expected to drop even further in the future.

Both Microsoft and Apple are planning a tablet comeback now by releasing new products this months. However, according to the analysts, they do not know for certain what it will take for the tablet consumers to come to store and start spending on tablets again. According to technology consultancy firm Telsyte, the people in Australia bought over 1.64 million tablet computers in the last half of 2016, of which most of the tablet computers were iPads.

The sales of Android tablets dropped 13% whereas the sales of iPad tumbled over 9% during the same period. Foad Fadaghi, the Telsyte managing director, says that only two-in-one-style Windows computers saw a hike in popularity, as consumers sought to replace their laptops with a computer that is more versatile. Fadaghi says, “Tablet sales have slowed since their peak in 2013 as fewer Australians have seen the need to replace their existing devices. However, this is changing, with support for older models ending and functionality of newer tablets improving.”

At the recent annual developer’s conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook released two new iPad Pro models, one with a 12.9-inch display and another with a bigger screen inside a similarly sized body. The CEO said, “iPad has completely changed the way we work, play, teach, learn and create. We’ve been pushing the boundaries on iPad and … we’re going to push them further than ever before.”

Should you experiment with the new iOS?

The next iPad and iPhone iOS is now available in the public beta form and the only question you want to ask now is whether you should choose to experiment? It is the release of the iOS 11 public beta and it is the tenth anniversary week of the iPhone.

The public version of the beta software, just like every other year, is a chance for Apple users to download and experiment with the pre-release version of the software. The software will actually come in the fall. A report by CNET advises the people to not install the iOS 11 public beta on their main device. The news publishing site has advised to fully back up their iPad or iPhone before experimenting or use a secondary device.

The news outlet had tested the public beta on a 10.5-inch iPad Pro and an iPhone 7 Plus but they noted that the experience of the users may vary depending on their hardware.