Station F is the largest startup campus in the world. Currently, around thousands of entrepreneurs are moving into the new building, which is in Paris. However, if you are one of those who is still pondering on what the new building looks like, you don’t have to anymore. The news site TechCrunch actually visited the Station F and interviewed two people behind the new building.

Station F welcomes its first stream of new residents

Roxanne Varza as well as Xavier Niel – the two people behind Station F – were interviewed by tech news site TechCrunch. Xavier Niel, who is the founder and the majority shareholder in the Iliad Group, has been involved in the Internet, data communications and telecommunications industry since the late 1980s. Mr. Niel founded the first Internet service provider – Worldnet – in France before working full time to develop the Group in 1993. In December 2000, Worldnet was sold to Kaptech (LDCom Group).

This week, the startup campus in Paris welcomes its first stream of new residents. The company, which is marketed and promoted as the largest startup campus in the world, is the revamped former train station that opened its doors wide on 3rd July to the next generation of game changers. This came after a ceremonial launch by the President of France Mr. Emmanuel Macron. The director at Station F, Roxanne Varza, noted in her blog post that that Station F is officially open now and they have even started welcoming their first startups and partners to the campus this week.

Varza also talked about the 26 different programs of the startup. She said that by the end of the week, two third of the 26 different programs had arrived, which include “Facebook, vente-privée, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Zendesk, HEC, EDHEC, Schoolab, Ponts Alliance, Arts & Métiers, Outre-Mer Network, Numa, and Ashoka.”

Parts of Station F are controlled by tech giants

The massive building – Station F – has been entirely renovated now and it is featuring thousands of desks, VC firms, dozens of conference rooms, a stage and more now. The building is the size of the famous wonder Eiffel Tower laying down. In person, notes TechCrunch, the building is pretty impressive. The massive building has been years in the making.

Xavier Niel – the France-based billionaire – had spent over hundreds of millions of euros to buy and transform the building into a central hub for the tech ecosystem of French companies. Roxanne Varza will, of course, be at the helm to control and manage the startup.

Some parts of the massive building are handled by the partners of Startup, like Zendesk, HEC, Facebook, Microsoft, Vente-Privée, etc. Several open office areas of the startup are divided into various pieces. The large tech company is selecting young startups to come and work at the massive building and collaborate with them.