Source: India Today

According to recent reports of SamMobile, the South-Korean based smartphone maker is said to be working on a new Apple News clone that the smartphone making giant will be releasing alongside the Galaxy Note 8 next month. The version of the Korean company will – unlike Apple – support voice commands and podcast integration.

Samsung working on a new app called News Today

According to the trusted sources for SamMobile, the South Korea-based smartphone maker is developing a better and newer news app than the Cupertino-based smartphone maker’s Apple News. “Apple News” may have been a huge hit or it may have been just a decent hit but one cannot say that it is not a great way to keep track of all the favorite news sources on iOS.

The app is bringing together everything in one place and is making the top stories of the day quite easy to find and if one does not have time to go through the complete news, then Apple News is just perfect.

The South-Korea based smartphone maker has its own rival, which is powered by Flipboard. According to Wiki, Flipboard is “a news aggregation and social network aggregation company based in Palo Alto, California, with offices in New York, Vancouver and Beijing.” The competitor of the Korean company is called Upday in most markets. The trusted sources for SamMobile say that the South Korea-based smartphone maker is developing a better and newer news app.

The news site says, “According to the information we’ve received from trusted sources, Samsung is working on a news app called News Today. It supports podcasts, so users can search and subscribe to various podcast providers and channels.”

Benefits that News Today has over Apple News

News Today might have several benefits over Apple News, one of the most important being its support for Bixby Voice that will give the users the ability to play and control podcasts while driving. News site CultofMac notes “It could even read news snippets and headlines, so you can catch up, hands-free.”

News Today will be integrated into the rumored Bixby smart speaker as well. However, that does not sound very good as Bixby has not made its official debut outside of South Korea yet. This is because of the struggles of the South-Korea based company to add other languages. According to another recent report, the Galaxy Note 8 will be making its debut during the second half of August as well (The said report cites an unnamed official at the company.) This means that the Korean company has over a month to increase sales before the iPhone 8 actually comes to market.