We all keep our photos, videos and other important files and documents in different places – like on our computer, SD card, hard drives, digital camera, pendrives, etc. – instead of storing them in one place. It has always been a challenge for us to keep things safe and secure while also keeping them safely backed up and organized but thanks to Google, all our problems will be solved soon.

Worried about file backup? Don’t worry anymore

Google – the search giant – has introduced the “Backup and Sync” that in brief is just a speedier, simpler and a more reliable way to safeguard the photos and files that you value a lot. The new tool of the search giant also replaces the existing Google Photos desktop uploader and Drive for PC as well as Mac.

The new tool of Google is an application for PC and Mac that backs up photos and files safely in Google Photos and Google Drive so they are no longer trapped in the user’s computer and other devices (which can store photos). You just have to choose the files and photos that you want to back up and the search giant will take care of the rest of the things.

In addition to this, the Backup and Sync tool is working for both Google Drive and Google Photos. You can also visit the Help Center of Google if you want more info on the new tool. Go to the G Suite Updates if you are a G Suite customer and if you want better understanding of the desktop applications that are available to your organization.

Features of Google’s new tool

The computer of the user or their selected folder system should be backed up in its entirety on Google Drive. After switching to the new tool of the search giant, whenever you save a file in one of the synced folders, it will be copied in the cloud automatically as well.

The user does not have to worry about their precious data being lost now. Earlier this week, the search giant was quick to launch its Backup and Sync tool and with the successful launch, the tech company also promised to make the full-system cloud storage easier than before. The user can backup their complete PC by clicking only a few buttons. The tool that the user can download as a desktop app will store their videos, docs and photos automatically in the same file format that the user has on their PC.