Source: CNN Money

It is no surprise to anyone now that Lionel Richie has been greatly influenced by the startup business. The multi-platinum record selling singer-songwriter is now joining a group of other famous celebrities who are investing in Los Angeles. Richie is planning to invest some of his money to support the young startup companies.

Here’s why Richie invested in healthcare

The first investment done by Richie is in the healthcare startup dubbed Heal and that investment is said to be just the teaser as the multi-platform record selling singer is planning to invest more in new technologies and startup companies. The songwriter said that the reason why he is investing in startups is because he was inspired by the creativity and energy coming from the latest industry of LA – Technology.

In an interview to news site TechCrunch, Richie said, “Because developing a doctor-on-demand service that would allow personalized medical visits, booked through an app on a user’s phone is exactly what a new healthcare startup should do.” The Los-Angeles based healthcare company offered a return to the quality healthcare that he was used to in the small town of Tuskegee, AL, according to the singer/songwriter.

He said, “If you’re born and raised in Alabama in a small, tight-knit community, you know all the doctors, you know all the nurses… No one said meet me at the office at 8 o clock in the morning and wait.” The doctors would instead come to a home and treat and diagnose the patient.

Elon Musk is one of Richie’s friends

When asked about his first meeting with Heal founder Nick Desai, Richie told TechCrunch, “When I met with Nick, he said ‘Here’s the pitch: we want to bring back affordable healthcare with doctors coming to the house in less than two hours.” He added, “And I said… are you kidding me… from there it was pretty much a question of how could he pull this off? And when I realized they had actually pulled off the logistics of it, that was it… It was pretty much what I love.”

The singer, who is very interested in investing in a smart startup said, “I’m going to let the secret out of the bag. This is my new pastime. I had a choice: do I play tennis on the weekends or do I call up my tech friends and say what’s new?” Elon Musk and Yuri Milner are Richie’s friends, according to the singer. He told TechCrunch that it was Milner who got the Golden Globe-winning, Oscar and Grammy-winning singer interested in the startup industry.