Source: E-Cell, IIT Bombay

Elon Musk – the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors – said earlier this year that the electric car made by the U.S.-based automaker would possibly offer a solar roof as an option on the Model 3. Now, however, the electric car making giant’s CEO is killing the idea.

Will there a solar roof option in any upcoming Tesla EV?

The competition of solar cars has pushed the solar technology further and now, a company is even developing a street-legal solar car with the technology, according to the news site ‘Electrek’. The news site added, “Though it’s still only vaporware for the moment.” The roof of the car has be to be efficiently positioned relative to the sun to make a good support for a solar array. Generally, it would be better for the people if they charge their cars at their homes with the solar panels that are installed in their homes instead of getting the solar roof option installed for their EV.

The CEO of Tesla Motors said at the National Governors Association recently that he has asked his Tesla engineers to look into integrating solar cells on their electric cars, however, they came to the same conclusion. Earlier this year, when Musk talked about the same idea, he suggested that the solar roof option feature could be deployable solar shield like a retractable hard top.

Recently, at the National Governors Association, he expanded on the idea saying that the electric car making giant could deploy from the trunk, like a “convertible, and unroll a film of solar cells the size of a parking spot.” This very much sounds like the Tesla fans – including us – should probably just forget about the solar roof option for the Model 3 or any of the electric cars of the U.S.-based automaker and continue to expect the same monotonous tech.

Tesla will never compromise on its car’s range and performance

The automaker is not just a transportation or a car making company but also an energy company and it is selling cars under its ‘Tesla Motors’ division and selling its stationery battery pack for commercial, home and utility scale projects under its Tesla Energy division. The U.S.-based automaker estimated that the solar roof could add 20 to 30 miles of range to its car per day but the EV maker knows that it would be a complex solution as well.

The Model 3 is the first car that is built on the third gen platform of the electric car making giant. The automaker is trying to decrease the entry price for electric cars while at the same time not making any kind of compromise on performance and range. The upcoming electric car – the Model 3 – will begin at $35,000 in the United States. Also, the deliveries of the Model 3 should start in late 2017.